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Services Offered

Bus-Ed Partners, Inc. offers a complete suite of services to assist colleges and universities and their schools and departments establish or expand productive and profitable relationships with business, including customer training, development, and outreach programs and events. Our services include:

  • Complete program planning and implementation: If you have no prior experience, we will assist you with developing goals and a complete, integrated approach and detailed plan to achieve or exceed those goals.
  • Resource assessment: We will assist you in assessing your current resources, capabilities, and faculty and staff strengths to reach the goals you have established.
  • Readiness review (to enter or grow custom business): Have you established the optimal environment that will allow you to rapidly carry out your new business plans and reach your goals?
  • Target market identification (clusters, etc.), including potential partners and sponsors: How will you focus your efforts to achieve optimal effectiveness of your scarce resources?
  • Resource-market matching and opportunity identification: As you identify key potential markets, we will assist you in identifying those that are optimal for the resources, competencies, and strengths your organization possesses.
  • Development of job descriptions: We will assist you in developing detailed job descriptions and competency requirements for your key organizational positions.
  • Hiring of key personnel: We will assist you in screening resumes and interviewing candidates for your key organizational positions.
  • Training of staff/director: We will develop and deliver specific training programs for your key personnel that will prepare them for their respective roles.
  • Processes, procedures, forms, and templates: We will provide you with a complete set of administrative resources to jumpstart your programs.
  • New business development: We will assist you with your first initial sales calls and deal closings.
  • Program evaluations: As part of your continuous quality improvement efforts we will provide independent evaluations of select key programs for their effectiveness in meeting client objectives and outcomes, impact on client business results, and overall client satisfaction.
  • Sourcing of faculty: A key to delivering highly successful custom training and outreach programs is to be able to provide faculty with the appropriate competencies required by the business or client organization. If you don’t have these competencies on your immediate faculty, we can assist you in finding them from other colleges and universities.
  • Formation of program advisory boards: A highly successful technique for reducing the risk and enhancing the success of consortium and niche market custom programs is the effective use of advisory boards. We can assist you in identifying when an advisory board may be necessary and in utilizing this board to maximum effectiveness.


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